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Exterior Trim

When it comes to stylistic improvements for your home, getting an exterior trim installation can really help you raise the bar.
Not only does it look nice, but it also provides extra protection for your home.
At AJ Carpentry, we offer only high-quality trim products.

Exterior Trim Repairs Done Right!

Regular wood trim can wear out over time and even rot, taking away the curb appeal.
This damage can expand to other areas such as siding, roof and house structure if not repaired soon.
When hiring a AJ Carpentry, we'll make sure your exterior finish lasts for a long time.

If parts of your exterior trim are rotted or damaged, it’s better to just replace the whole trim, because it your trim will not look good if you repair parts of your trim as this will leave a lot of noticeable seams.

With AJ Carpentry, we make our customers happy and therefore we always try to provide quality exterior trim repair work. We don’t usually install typical wood trim on the exterior of your home because it will then start to rot.
We install a special type of plastic trim that does not rot or damaged as bad as wood.


Professional Installations

Job Done Right the First Time

Expert Solutions to Common Household Problems​

Types of Exterior Trim Installation Offered

Our installers at AJ Carpentry understand the importance of high-quality work. We are committed to the satisfaction and safety of our clients, which is why we only use the best techniques and safety procedures in the trade when working on your exterior trim project. 




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